How A Fashion Degree Can Help Realize Your Designer Dreams

Fashion designing is a constantly evolving field driven by creative minds with an ability to bring to life most abstract of concepts and ideas. If you aspire to become a fashion designer, you need to look beyond the glamour and appeal associated with the field and learns to work hard enough to survive in the industry. You need to hone your skills and develop a knack for transforming your ideas into real-life creations which may not be possible without professional mentoring.

It is here that the role of a fashion degree acquires great importance in becoming a successful fashion designer not just because you need professional certification to get a job in the field but also to get the basics right. There are a number of professional institutes which offer the very best of creative and technical support for students of fashion designing to help them explore their potential in an artistic and creative sense. If you get a degree from a reputed institute, it is also an advantage in getting the right kind of opening to get a foothold in the industry.

WLCI Fashion School is one such niche fashion institute which has produced some of the leading designers of the industry over the years. They offer a number of professional programs in fashion designing and fashion technology designed to cater to the specific needs of students. The undergraduate program of BA in Fashion Designing from WLCI Fashion School provides a rare combination of creative and practical aspects of the field in its framework and curriculum which makes it possible for students to grasp subtleties of fashion designing with the greatest of ease.

These professional programs incorporate an intensely collaborative and interactive approach to provide the right kind of exposure to the students and help boost their confidence in their abilities. It is true that fashion industry thrives on hard work and ingenuity of the professionals but the source lies in creatively inspiring ideas which motivate the best of brains in the industry to produce some of the most stunning designing creations. When you choose a professional course for fashion designing it is important to ensure that the institute can provide you the right kind of launch pad for your career.

This is possible only if the institute employs professional faculty who are achievers in their respective domains and provides state-of-the-art facilities for its students to develop their skills in the desired manner which helps prepare them to work with the best in the industry. There are many steps to developing an inspiring line of collection which involve design illustration, pattern making, draping and an original outlook on fashion trends and techniques.

This is why the traineeship program provided by any institute goes a long way in providing the student with the right kind of understanding of these aspects by means of practical application. It also provides you an opportunity to showcase your creations alongside professional designers. There can be no better way to begin your career in style.

Shopping For Fashionable, Practical Diaper Bags

There was a time when choices for diaper bags were extremely limited. Thankfully, those days are long gone. We no longer have to depend on those unfashionable, plastic-type materials available in such a limited variety, standard colors of blue or pink, or sometimes even green. Don’t forgetpolka dot or plain was the next choice. The trip to the store was entering, choosing bag, heading for the check-out line and out you go. The only other option was picking out an oversized purse that could fit extra diapers and a myriad of baby-related items while away from home, while forever digging around for things as they were needed.

Oh, moms still want to be prepared for all the possibilities when out with their infants and children, such as diaper changes, bibs, clean clothes and all the other necessities that go with them. But it is time for us moms to realize that practicality and fashion statements can be held hand in hand, especially when it comes to toting around baby supplies. You now have choices you can make by opting for a handmade bag representing your tastes and personality while keeping everything you need within range.

With the many shapes and designs now available also come many options coming into play when making your diaper bag a statement of your own style. You can choose the number of compartments and where they are located. You can choose the fabric color and style you wish, enabling your diaper bag to resemble an oversized purse rather than that easy-to-notice bag everyone can spot from across the room.

What about the fashion statement you may possibly want to change around, depending on the season? With today’s options and possibilities, the choices are endless. Large purse-type bags in earth tones for fall and winter are fine when you consider the possibility of winter coats getting in the way of carrying the bag, but why not spice it up a bit in spring and summer with pastel or bright colors in the backpack style?

We will however recommend you avoid any color which clashes with your personal and usual attire. Choosing complimentary colors which match your wardrobe automatically creates an ultimate fashion statement. Messenger-type bags or backpacks provided you will the possibility of your little on using it for their kindergarten school tote. You’ll be provided them with a bit of flare and expression from day one.

There’s the additional option of buying multiple custom bags for more than one child, or for traveling purposes as well. Perhaps you need different colors for your daughter and son, or coordinating bags to your twins’/triplets’ personalities. What about traveling? Supplies needed for time with Granny could differ greatly from a museum or zoo trip. Traveling means extra supplies, no matter how long you will be gone. You can be sure you have everything needed with ample space, comfort and style.

It doesn’t matter which aspect your choice is based upon. Your designer bag is your personal way to carry a stylish diaper bag, without compromising space or preparation for whatever your need may be.

Differences Between Christening Gift Ideas And 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Gifts for a baby are as different from those for an adolescent as chalk from cheese. They do differ from one another in all aspects from usability to purpose. Christening gift ideas are as soothing as the softness of a baby itself. Christening gifts for babies are basically toys. As a baby grows into a child, then a teen and then an adult, his needs go on increasing and his taste keeps changing. Therefore, 18th birthday gift ideas mainly comprise high-tech devices for the use of adolescents. So, it is natural to have differences between gifts for the newborn and gifts for the eighteen year old.

Christening gift items are simple in nature. The picture is opposite when it comes to describing 18th birthday gift items. Choosing gifts for those who are about to cross the distinction line between teenage and adolescence is rather difficult. Fashion accessories and digital goods come to the mind while thinking about 18th birthday gift ideas. There is no end to the varieties and designs of fashion accessories for teens and adolescents. Today’s fashion may be tomorrow’s trend. It too is difficult to guess what kind of style statement, retro or metro, a n 18th year old boy or girl wishes to make. So, naturally it takes time to pick up one or two from the 18th birthday gift ideas.

It is much easier to consider christening gift ideas. Clothes for the newborn or a few months old baby are fashionable too. However, the variety of baby clothes is not unlimited so that shopping for baby clothes and gifts should be fun not tiring. What matters to the selection of baby clothes is comfort level not fashion or style. Babies look beautiful in colorful clothes and feel at home in soft linen clothes. If you lack time to buy a useful baby gift, set your thumb on baby clothes in the list of christening gift ideas.

The number of 18th birthday gift ideas is numberless. Besides fashion garments, there are fashion accessories like wristwatches, belts, shoes, luxury spectacles, handbags, wallets, etc. for the use of the 18th year old. Most of today’s teens and adolescents like to use brand new fashion accessories. Isn’t it a tough job to guess about the favorite brand, color and design patterns of recipients? You had better flip through the pages of a gift album to look for suitable 18th birthday gift ideas.

Baby skin care products are not beyond the category of christening gift ideas. Skin care products like talk and cream of a reputed brand are good christening gifts for the newborn. You don’t have to make a choice from a collection of baby care products in a wide variety. Just go to a nearby store where baby items and gifts are available. And, buy kit or basket of baby skin care products. Buying a beautiful milk mug to gift a baby on the christening ceremony is a good idea to sprint into action. It will be usable for the baby when the baby is at least one year old. Evidently, christening gift ideas are simple.

Celebrate Your Style This Holiday Season

Looking and dressing stylish for this festive time begins with getting organized. Look at your social schedule and plan each event ahead of time so that you will be prepared no matter what type of event you’re attending. Factor in each detail of your outfit, including accessories, shoes, jewelry, and handbag.

Perfect party dressing

- A black suit.
- Something in sequins.
- A little dress. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black as this season vibrant colors are a nice change from the traditional black dress. Don’t be afraid to stand out in purple or red.
- High heels, evening sandals, and a clutch bag in a new metallic like pewter or bronze.
- All out glamour in a metallic frock.
- Add “bling” with a chunky gold necklace or a colorful bauble that adds texture to your outfit.
- Something red.

Here are some suggestions about what to wear for different types of holiday functions. Read your invitation and be aware of dress codes.

Casual – Dressy jeans with a sparkly top and a pair of the season’s hot shoes such as the Mary Jane platform.

Family party or open house – A cardigan sweater set with a skirt or pants will work by adding some glitz with your jewelry, metallic sandals or heels. Make a statement with jeans, a beaded top, or a short leather jacket. Note: If you are going to attend a religious service, before or after a party, then you really need to dress appropriately for that occasion.

A party at your own house where you are the hostess – Since you will be on your feet most of the time, look for comfort. A skirt or pants with a satin top and comfortable shoes such as a ballet flat.

The office party – Please remember, that an office party is really a festive business meeting and that certain etiquette must apply. Forgo any bare skin, even if that’s what you see all over TV and in the media. Never go braless to an office party, wear a halter top, or anything with a plunging neckline. Keep in mind that, even though you are there to have fun and it’s a party, you really are socializing with people you work with so make sure that you don’t dress in a way or do anything that night that you’d regret the next morning. Go for a classic look like, a satin dress with a sequin Bolero jacket.

After five cocktails and dinner – A tailored suit in satin or velvet or a black suit with a sequin top will look very trendy. Carry a small clutch in silver or gold.

Semi-formal affair – Mix classics like trousers, or a skirt in a rich fabric like velvet, with a white long sleeve blouse in silk or satin. A drop-dead gorgeous short strapless dress with earrings, shoes and a bag in gold or silver. Try a new combo like a deep, dark chocolate dress with bronze or cooper accessories, or a rich wine color that’s almost Merlot and pair that with silver or pewter accessories.

Black tie affair – All out glamour. A tuxedo suit or a gown.

Makeup tips for a holiday look

Holiday parties can cause havoc on your skin, so a good idea is to get a facial and a brow wax beforehand. Remember, great makeup can do only so much. It’s the skin that is the canvas that you are applying the color to. And make sure you adjust your skin care routine during the winter months when you are spending more time indoors, in artificial heat. It is very important to keep your skin well hydrated day and night.

Lipstick- A bright lipstick will energize your ensemble and immediately update your look. If you wear one of the new red lipsticks, make sure that you do a very muted or soft eye. If you are doing a very dramatic eye, then you want to keep the lips soft and neutral.

Eyeliner – The dramatic or smoky eye is really in, but not everyone can use a liquid eyeliner which requires practices and a steady hand. Best bet – use a kohl pencil which is easier to handle and will give you a better line. The best way to do a liner is to use the pencil and smudge along the lash line, using short strokes. Then you can take a small smudgy brush and just go over it. What you really want to create here is color not a definite line.

Some tricks for creating that smoky eye look:

No matter what color you use, it’s the gradation of color that is the most important thing to consider. The color should be the darkest by the lashes and then lighten up as you go up towards the brow bone. Go for violet or chocolate brown as opposed to a deep black, which can be too goth and can age a women’s face and skin.

A professional makeup artist trick that will help you avoid the “raccoon eye.”

When you’re putting your eye shadow on, especially dark shades, apply some loose foundation powder under the eye before applying the shadow. This will catch all the fallout. This way, when you’re done, all you need to do is sweep away the powder with a brush.

Lashes – One thing every holiday face should have is great lashes. Use a thickening or lengthening mascara. For thin lashes, use defining mascara and use two coats. You can enhance any mascara by using a coat of eyelash primer under the mascara. This will add volume.

To complete your look, don’t forget some fabulous perfume. One of the tricks that I use is, when I am getting dressed and still in my underwear, I spray the air and then walk into the mist. This way you don’t run the risk of getting the perfume on your clothes.

Follow these simple suggestions, and no matter where you go during this festive season, you will step out in style. Coco Chanel once said. “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” beatrizelenalondoñ 老年服务 顔脱毛